Welcome to Ormiston College.

We are excited to meet all our new students on their first day. There are some things to do to prepare, and information to read, which we have outlined below.

Please complete the following checklist:

1. Organise Uniforms

For your convenience and to avoid excessive wait times, a uniform fitting appointment is required for new students.

Book an appointment online
View current Ormiston College Uniform prices

If you have any questions regarding uniforms or appointment times, please contact our Uniform Shop Convenor, Trudi Styger at uniformshop@ormistoncollege.com.au

Please note:

  • All students in Years 7 to 12 wear Blazers in Terms 2 and 3 only.
  • Boys’ hair must be a traditional College cut. Under-cuts, gel or wax are not permitted.
  • Girls’ hair below shoulder length must be in one plait down the back, secured with black elastic and finished with maroon ribbon or scrunchie. Coloured bands are not permitted.
  • Hair must remain its natural colour with no streaks or foils at any time.
2. Complete Medical Form

Please complete your Medical Details Form and return to the College Registrar.

3. Complete Laptop Agreement

Please complete your Laptop Agreement Form and return to the College Registrar. The College has a one to one Laptop Program for all students in Year 7 to Year 12.

4. Complete Textbook and Resources Hire Scheme Agreement

Please complete your Textbook and Resources Hire Scheme Agreement and return to the College Registrar.

A textbook and resource hire scheme operates for all Secondary School students. The current cost of the textbook and resource hire scheme is $65 per term. This amount may increase slightly in 2022. A deposit on textbooks of $200 will be charged to your first fees account. The deposit, less any incurred charges for non-return or damaged resources, will be refunded at the completion of schooling at Ormiston College.

5. Order Stationery

You will need to purchase your child's/children's stationery from MK Educational Supplies.

Please note that all stationery items should be named.

Starting at Ormiston College

Information Booklets

Please download the relevant information booklet.

Our aim is to assist your child to settle into the Secondary School quickly and happily so that they can concentrate on learning effectively.

STARTING at Ormiston College

Our Co-curricular Program

With the aim to develop the full potential of students, Ormiston College provides an extensive co-curricular program. It is an expectation of the College that students will participate in at least two co-curricular activities each year. Students who are involved in programs outside of the College are expected to prioritise their commitment to College programs.


Private or group co-curricular drama is offered to interested students. The drama students have the opportunity to enter eisteddfods and participate in accredited drama examinations. Various productions and presentations are also held throughout the year.

Drama Tuition Enrolment Form
Drama Tuition Schedule of Fees

Drama Tuition Program for 2022


Ormiston College encourages all students to acquire a lifelong love of music. Specialist music teachers inspire and equip students to become the best musicians they can be.

In doing this, music becomes a highly valued component of their lives both at school and beyond the classroom and as a consequence of this, students develop skills in the areas of socialisation, self-expression and creativity, critical and subjective thinking, concentration and self-discipline. We believe the pursuit of excellence in music to be an essential part of a holistic and integrated education for all students.

Music Tuition Program

Ormiston College provides a comprehensive and expansive Music Tuition Program. The College’s Music Tuition Program has long had a reputation for producing outstanding results and engaging students as lifelong musicians.

Music Forms

Music Tuition Enrolment Form
Music Tuition Schedule of Fees

Sport Aerobics Program

The Ormiston College Sport Aerobics Competition Program is run by specialist external sport aerobics coaches from Industrie One Australia. Sport Aerobics is a high paced, energetic combination of choreography, strength, flexibility and fitness. It combines the specific elements of aerobics, the flexibility, strength and agility of gymnastics and the showmanship, choreography and creativity of dance.

Ormiston College Sport Aerobics Enrolment Information 2022
Ormiston College Sport Aerobics Enrolment Form 2022

For more information regarding the Ormiston College Sport Aerobics Competition Program, please contact Head Coach Pip Mainwaring on 0417 717 487 or email octumblebees@gmail.com.

Swim Academy

The Ormiston College Swim Academy is where our students, parents, staff and members of the public come together to enjoy swimming in an inclusive, positive and friendly environment. Everyone is welcome, from OC students and their families to members of the general public!

View the Swim Academy webpage here.

TAS Sport

Sport plays an integral part in the well-rounded education offered by Ormiston College.

Central to the program is our commitment to TAS (The Associated Schools), an independent schools’ sporting association which offers seasons of Saturday fixtures as well as swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals. Complementing the TAS competition is the opportunity to participate in the regional selection process which allows our elite athletes to ultimately compete at State and National level.

All students have the opportunity to represent their House in a range of interhouse sporting events which culminate in a Champion House Cup. We offer outstanding sporting opportunities for students, including excellent coaching programs and state-of-the art facilities. Most importantly, our sporting program boasts an exciting tradition of excellence with premierships recorded every season.

Ormiston College Sports Brochure
Secondary School 2022 Co-curricular Registration form


Synergy Tennis offers a Tennis Program at Ormiston College to create a pathway from Prep to Year 12. This Private Coaching Program provides a link for students who wish to improve their individual skills throughout the year, complementing the team coaching provided at TAS and Junior TAS levels.

Ormiston College Tennis Program Information
Ormiston College Tennis Program Enrolment Form

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