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Ormiston College Showcase Day

Join us on Saturday 20 July between 10am and 2pm as we OPEN our doors and SHOWCASE all that an Ormiston College education has to offer.

  • Interactive Student-Led Learning Showcase
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Workshops
  • Classroom Displays
  • Campus Tours
  • Music and Drama Performances
  • Art Exhibition
  • Enrolment Enquiries
  • Headmaster’s Address 12pm

To plan your day, download the full Showcase Day Program here.

Ormiston College Showcase Day 2019 Prep Program

Prep at Ormiston College - where opportunity begins

Come and experience our exciting Prep program by participating in a range of hands-on, engaging activities from key learning areas.

Our passionate and professional Prep team welcome you into our dynamic classrooms, where our students' learning journey begins.

10am to 11am

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FREE Technology Enhanced Learning Workshops

Discover Technology Enhanced Learning. A number of Student workshops will run throughout the day. These workshops are designed for learners in Year 3 to Year 8 to experience a range of technologies and activities that are core components of the Ormiston College curriculum. Teachers from both the Junior and Secondary Schools will guide our participants to gain an understanding of these essential skills and they will be able to take their ideas, designs and creations home with them.

All workshops will be held in the new Centre for Learning and Innovation unless otherwise noted.


Enriching Creative Writing with Virtual Reality
Come and explore some of the ways that virtual reality technology can be utilised to enrich creative writing. Explore Apps on the Oculus Go to prompt imaginative responses and then apply this experience in your creative writing.

11am -


Contemporary Music Composition
Year 6 students have been learning about contemporary music composition using Apple GarageBand for iPad. This learning includes creating rhythmic, melodic and bass components as are usually found in rock music.

Year 6 Music students will run a workshop on GarageBand for iPad and assist visitors in the creation a small pop song composition.

10am - 11am


Design your own Maths lesson
“What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand.” T. Harv Eker

Come and demonstrate your amazing mathematical skills, processes and understanding of concepts by creating a Lightboard video for your peers. You will be able to design your lesson and then using this clever technology, create your own video. This could be the start of your teaching career.

11am - 12pm


Using Green Screens to enhance presentations
This workshop will allow you to experience the use of green screens to enhance the presentation of information. Using a technology akin to the nightly weather report, participants will be able to help create an historical or geographical background that they can be placed into and then receive a digital copy of their creation. Say cheese!

1pm - 2pm


Build a working model of a pumping heart and lungs
UQ Science Ambassadors are high achieving Year 11 students nominated by their schools for demonstrating a strong interest in science and good communication and leadership skills. In their role, ambassadors aim to raise the profile of science in their school by bringing science events, activities, opportunities and issues to the attention of fellow students. Come and work with our ambassadors in building a working model of a pumping heart and lungs.

11.15am- 11.45am

Media Arts

Create content for Australia’s Largest Interactive Floor
Come and learn how to create your own multimedia content in Photoshop for Australian's largest interactive floor! Students will learn the basics of Photoshop and then use this knowledge to create their own interactive content. The best design will be showcased on the floor!

10am - 11am

Design Technology

Design your own product with Inventor
Come and learn how to build your own personalised 3D key tag with the software Inventor in our new Design Lounge!

1pm - 2pm
Create a Flipgrid video to introduce yourself

Come and join us to learn how to use Flipgrid to introduce yourself in German or Japanese. Introductions will be recorded and shared via your own QR code.



Using analytic tools for skill development
Come and use our KINOVEA software to analyse your ball skills and then utilise this knowledge to make decisions around skill execution!

Running throughout the day in the Hall of Fame, Somerset Sports Centre

All day

Visual Art

Discover your creativity
Come and test out your creative skills in the Art department. Learn how to build a bird mask, mood boards and feather brooch makings.

Running throughout the day in the Secondary School Art Precinct

All day