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$20 to build, design and deliver a business.

On Tuesday 29 August, a group of students from Years 6 to 8 had a taste of what it is like to be on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank when they got to pitch their ideas to one of the show’s sharks, entrepreneur and investor, Steve Baxter.

Receiving business advice from Mr Baxter was a great reward for the students who have worked hard all term on this project which is instigated by the organisers of the $20 Boss Program. This program provides each student with a startup fund of $20 to build, design and deliver a business. The students can either work individually or they can pool their money to create a group of any size they wish.

The students worked for most of the term to prepare for their pitch to the panel which consisted of Steve Baxter, Brett Webster and our Business Manager, Sonvir Johal.  Their preparations involved meeting with Erin Ware and Lee Catterall at least once a week to work through a variety of modules such as finance, marketing, contracts, how to set up a business and how to pitch ideas and proposals.  

A variety of businesses were developed by the students, including selling cupcakes; second hand clothing; bracelets; shell decorated photo frames; slimy and noisy putty; handmade bath salts and bath bombs.  Following their pitches, students were asked a number of questions by the panel, with Mrs Ware saying, “the way they dealt with the questions was amazing.” Mr Baxter also provided the students with some great business advice.

The students now have the option of selling their products at the Cleveland Markets on Sunday 10 September while on Monday 11 September their products will be sold at the OC Market Day which is open to students from Prep to Year 8.

Almost all profits made by the students will be donated to charities of their choosing with only the $20, plus one extra dollar, being paid back to the $20 Boss organisers.

This real- life activity was a wonderful experience for our young students. The knowledge gained, and skills learnt, will prove invaluable to them in the years to come.