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Congratulations Class of 2015

Only on very special occasions does the entire student body come together: Friday 20 November was one such occasion. The Sports Stadium in the Somerset Sports Centre was full to capacity with students from Prep to Year 12, plus teaching staff and the parents and families of our graduating Year 12 cohort. All gathered to share the celebration of the Final Assembly with our departing Year 12 students.

After a welcome by the Headmaster, Mr Brett Webster; the College Captains, Jarrod Allen and Keely Lynch, gave their final speech to the school assembly. This was followed by the Deputy Head of College, Mrs Lee Catterall, inviting Prep students to present a special gift to the Year 12 students. In response, the graduating cohort presented their departing gift to the College.

The traditional ceremony covering the Transfer of the Mantle of Leadership then took place with the Year 12 students conferring leadership upon the students of Year 11 (the Seniors of 2016) in the areas of Academic Learning, Cultural Involvement, Community Spirit, Social Justice and the Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership.

The Head of Senior School, Mr Paul Hornibrook, then invited the Year 6 to Year 11 students to form the Guard of Honour through which the Year 12 students could depart, led by the Medallion students who were accompanied by a Prep student. The Guard of Honour formed up along the pathway between the trees leading from the Old Collegians’ entrance, to the sound of a rousing farewell applause.

The Year 12 cohort then made their way to the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre for their last ever event as College students. There, they were joined by family and staff for Graduation.

During Valedictory and Graduation many profound, sincere and meaningful words were spoken by the School Captains. In his farewell speech Jarrod Allen reflected “It is said that school days are some of the happiest days of your life and that is certainly true. Remembering all that we have done together will be fantastic.” and “We can, not only look forward to the rest of our lives but we can reflect on what an honour and opportunity the past 13 years have been.” Keely Lynch recalled “We may have started our schooling in different schools, cities or even countries, however, this last year of Year 12, binds us together for an eternity. We will always have our fellow peers in the Ormiston College graduating Class of 2015.”

We farewell the Class of 2015 and thank them for the wonderful contribution they made as Seniors of the College. We wish them health, happiness and success in the next step of their journey and look forward to hearing from them as members of the Ormiston College Old Collegians Association.