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Congratulations Class of 2016!

Today the Seniors of 2016 were fondly farewelled on their final day of their schooling journey with two special ceremonies.

Students from Prep to Year 11, Staff and Year 12 families gathered on the Somerset Sports Centre courts for a Whole School Assembly. Led by our 29 Medallion students, who have been at the College continuously since at least the beginning of Year 1, our Seniors enjoyed a rousing reception as they proceeded through a Guard of Honour formed by our Year 6 and Year 11 students.

This was followed by a more intimate Graduation and Valedictory Ceremony in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre for the Year 12s and their families.

Congratulations to the 2016 Medallion Students:

Shannon Brown, Georgia Carrigan, Patrick Dowling, Lachlan Harmer, Natalie Schafer, Gabriel Soner, Nat Young, Rachael Brann, Brandon Edlin, Conal Grewar, Kayla Hoey, Natasha Lay, Ash-Lee McClean, Chelsea Mitchell, Tara Moran, Vanessa Parisi, Sophia Passaris, Trent Payne, Jack Phillips, Tess Photinos, Laura Prince, Braiden Sherrin, Dylan Stubberfield, Lachlan Tinsley, David Winten, Saxon Wright, Molly Foort, Shirley Lu, Byron Perry.

Throughout the week, College Captains, Tess Photinos and Ryan Watson took on their public speaking duties like seasoned professionals.

On Graduation Day, Tess said:

Year 12 is tiring, busy and stressful, however, it has also been joyous. We have come together for many occasions and I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy or have laughed as when I have been surrounded by all of you. When I think back to my senior year in 10 or 20 years’ time, I will remember it being filled with care for one another, laughter and determination because the 2016 graduating class helped each other grow, never backed down from a fight and didn’t give up on each other. We truly were a family. So no matter where we end up or what we are doing we will always be the Ormiston College Graduating Class of 2016. We will always be the village that has grown into a family. And as we know from Lilo and Stitch, “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”.

At the Graduation and Valedictory Ceremony, Ryan reflected on his Year 12 Journey:

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” Throughout our journey through year 12, we certainly learnt a lot about ourselves by focussing on the journey and what we needed to do and become to reach our goals. The journey to our destination, graduation day, did not always run smoothly but it did teach us so many things about ourselves: how strong we really were, how determined we really were and how motivated we really were to ensure we successfully arrived at our destination.

For so long our lives have followed a certain routine: go to school, learn something new, go home, do homework, sleep or sometimes not, repeat, and the thought that this routine is now about to change is certainly frightening but also very exciting.

As Master of Ceremonies at the Graduation and Valedictory, Ben Sylvester Millar invited fellow students, Chelsea Mitchell, Hannah Allinson, Mitchell Davis and Tahlia Glover to share with the audience their recollections from Prep to Year 12.

Also, Ben was joined on stage by Nikol Nagy, Nat Young, Vanessa Parisi and Aimee Cross who gave a Vote of Thanks to parents, coaches, mentors, teachers and friends.

In addition, during the ceremony we heard responses from Year 12 Coordinator, Ms Sarndra Bown, on behalf of the teachers; and Mr Robert Carrigan on behalf of the parents.

The ceremony concluded with the cutting of the graduation cake followed by a multi-media presentation which culminated with the Seniors of 2016 proceeding out of the theatre for one last time.

As a cohort, the Year 12s have been particularly focussed and determined and they have been exceptional role models in their final year. It has been an absolute privilege to have watched them flourish over the past five years. Congratulations and good luck, Year 12.

Paul Hornibrook
Head of Senior School