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Congratulations Class of 2016

What a wonderful way to commence a new year and how proud we can all feel being a member of the Ormiston College community. We are delighted to pass on the OP results of our 2016, Year 12 graduates, released by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Our graduating class of 2016 was outstanding and consisted of 118 students all of which were OP eligible. Nine graduates were awarded the State’s highest Overall Position, an OP1. Warm congratulations go to Claudia Ho, Benjamin Holmes, Daniel Hornibrook, Lana Ibbott, Daniel Jones, Ming Li, Shirley Lu, Ashley Venables and Ryan Watson. Hearty congratulations also to ten graduates who achieved an OP2, Hayley Andrews, Niamh Conway, Rhianna Easher, Eneh Gilbert, Sharon Hui, Megan Jamison, Julius Lang, Claire Macfarlane, Lucy Ness and Tess Photinos. A further seven graduates deserve our congratulations on their high achievement having gained an OP3, Nicole Fallon, Sophiatou Hughes, Liam Hukins, Chelsea Mitchell, Nikol Nagy, Ashan Piyaratne and Portia Sihvola.

Statistically these are the strongest results ever for Ormiston College; 38% of the Class of 2016 awarded an OP score of 5 or better and 75% achieving an OP score of 10 or better. This impressive outcome has enabled our graduates to achieve placement in the various courses of their choice at different universities throughout Australia. We welcome them as members of our Alumni and look forward to following their future career paths.

Well done Class of 2016!