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Engaging Year 9 Geographers with real world issues

Over the last four years, the Year 9 Geography students have participated in a student led fundraising campaign for charity organisations that operate in less economically developed countries.

The Year 9 geographers of 2015 have stepped up to help people they will never get the chance to meet and to date they have raised over $8,000 for a variety of groups.

Developed as a culmination activity to the Year 9 Geography course, and in particular the final unit on development issues such as refugees, child trafficking and land mine victims, this task challenges students to take on a real world issue and work collaboratively to help others.

The activity is student led with the individual classes selecting their leadership team, a target charity and then planning, promoting and implementing a fundraising activity. While the focus is on helping a designated charity the activity also enables students to hone their leadership skills and apply their talents from a range of disciplines in a new setting, receiving a great response from students.

“I found this really empowering. I didn’t think I would, but I did.”

“It was good that we got to have an opportunity to show our leadership skills. It’s much harder leading your friends than it is to lead others.”

Clearly this is a valuable experience for students and is another example of the way in which Humanities subjects bring the real world into the classroom and enables them to apply their understanding and skills to real life issues.

Here is a snapshot of the 2015 events:


We held a ‘Christmas Wonderland' fundraiser to raise money for the Cambodian Children's Fund. We as a class believe that we can all make a difference and that the young children in Cambodia deserve the opportunity to do so as well. We are hoping that the money we raised from our bake sale will allow us to help this cause in a meaningful way. Fundraiser date: Wednesday 25 November

Jackson Kovacic


The students in 9.2 Geography hosted a carnival event to support the African Hearts Community Organization. This group aims to help children at risk in rural Uganda. Our fundraiser involved food, such as fairy-floss, cupcakes, sausage sizzle and popcorn, as well as soft-drinks. Furthermore, we set up games with the chance to win some great prizes. Fundraiser date: Monday 23 November

Alexandra Molloy


9.3 have selected the Seeway Trust as their target charity. This is a not for profit organisation that works to provide regular food, homes and a caring family as well as a good education to orphaned and abandoned children in many places. Our focus is on their Zimbabwean project. Mark and Dorcas Nicholson have set up a home together with a view to remaining in Zimbabwe and supporting children in need. From the outset they were deeply moved by the plight of children who had been orphaned, rejected or abandoned by their biological families. They currently care for 11 children aged from four to 16. Some have been abused and have serious health issues such as HIV. The money raised by our carnival food stall will help to care for the children, and hopefully help grow the Zimbabwe project. Fundraiser date: Wednesday 2 December

Chris Metcalfe


9.4’s Geography fundraiser this term, started out by promoting our cause through an extraordinary raffle. We are extremely thankful to SS Signs, an Ormiston College family business, for donating an unbelievable two-hour limousine ride to see the Christmas light shows to the value of $1,000. This was won by past student and current Music Tutor, Genevieve Birch. This was followed up by our Summer Vibe stall with Spiders, soft drink brownies and a lob a choc. Our target charity was Destiny Rescue, which aims to get kids out of the slavery and sex trafficking trade by rescuing them to give them a better quality of life and education. Fundraiser date: 18 November.

Isabel Courtney


9.5 is raising funds for the Blue Dragon Children Foundation which rescues children in Vietnam and gives them a new chance at life. These include the homeless, trafficked children for child labour or the sex trade and abandoned disabled children. It gives them opportunity of a good education and stable living conditions. Over the last twelve years they have helped 68,000 children directly and 740,000 family, government and community members indirectly. We will be selling pancakes with ice cream and spiders outside the Lingo Lin Theatre to raise funds for this charity. Fundraiser date: Monday 30 November

Mitchell Dixon