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Making connections to cement strong foundations for secondary school

A day filled with fun and laughter is what the current Year 6 students, together with the new students for 2016, experienced on Wednesday 25 November as they attended the Making Connections program.

In the first phase of the Making Connections program – Transition into Secondary School – 130 students were introduced to some of the expectations of Year 7 and secondary school in a fun and engaging manner.

The day commenced with the students completing a Naplan writing sample for the first session. After getting the testing out of the way, students got into the competitive spirit with some ball games in their House groups. By playing tunnel ball, capture the flag and kick-out, students had an opportunity to work as a team and start forming new friendships. Our newly appointed Mentors cooked a great lunch on the barbecue and our Prefects led the cohort in learning about school spirit and of course, the Ormiston College Redback song.

All students finished the day with big smiles on their faces!