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Mayor of Redland City, Councillor Karen Williams joins OC in celebrating the 2016 Investiture of College Prefects and Junior School Leaders

A very special occasion was held on Friday 5 February, one that celebrated leadership within the student body.

The entire College assembled in the Stadium of the Somerset Sports Centre to share in the annual ceremony that recognises the investiture of our College Captains and Prefects and our Year 6 Junior School Leaders.

College Captain, Tess Photinos, welcomed the Mayor of Redland City, Councillor Karen Williams, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Alan Beard, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ormiston College, Mr John Miller, Headmaster, Mr Brett Webster, College Executives, parents, staff and students prior to the National Anthem and the College Prayer.

Mr Webster then made his address pointing out the importance of leadership and responsibility, and the part it plays at Ormiston College. He reminded the audience that some of Ormiston College’s most effective leaders are those who wear its uniform – a large and sometimes underestimated source of influence. They are our stakeholders with perhaps the most to gain from improvements to life on campus as well as to the lifelong outcomes afforded by an Ormiston College education.

He then invited Mr Miller, Chairman of the Board, to introduce the Mayor, Councillor Williams, to address the Assembly. The Mayor spoke of the important role the new leaders were taking on and wished them every success in their coming year.

The following Year 12 students were then officially installed into the office of Prefect: Ryan Watson and Tess Photinos (College Captains), Georgina Carrigan, Niamh Conway, Claudia Ho, Benjamin Homes, Sophiatou Hughes, Ryan Johnston, Natasha Lay, Samson Morley, Ashan Randula, Ashley Venables and Ella-Maree Watkins. After the formal ceremony, badges were presented to the Prefects by the Mayor. The College Captains then came forward and addressed the Assembly.

The event continued with the investiture of the Junior School Leaders. Deputy Mayor, Councillor Beard presented the badges to Academic Leaders, Ryan McDonald and Rachael Taylor, School Community Leaders, Ethan Hill and Ella Spiteri, Social Justice Leaders, Adam Sullivan and Lucy Thomson, Cultural Leaders, Pierce Logan and Hana O’Neill and Sport Leaders, Henry Warner and Paris Mertens.

At the end of the event, guests were invited to the Hall of Fame for morning tea. It was a pleasant conclusion to a very meaningful celebration that was witnessed and shared by the whole school community. We congratulate our College leaders and support them in their future endeavours.