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Mentors offering guidance and support to Year 7 students

The Year 11 Students Mentors play an important role in the development of Year 7 students as they begin their Secondary School journey. These 15 mentors were first introduced to the cohort last year and commenced connecting with their mentees from Day 1 on Orientation Day. This proactive and personable group of students spend every Tuesday morning Form time with their assigned Form class, creating activities for the students to connect as a Form and with the mentors.

During Year Level Assemblies, the mentors offer wisdom and experience about the transition into Secondary School, pitched at a level the Year 7s can relate to. Benefits exist for the mentors as well, as they develop their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Throughout the year, the mentors will continue to guide, support and advise through lunchtime tutorials, sporting games on the oval and various other activities at lunchtimes encouraging academic success, personal growth and…having fun!

Rosina Cullen
Year Level Coordinator