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OC students, Innovators of the Future!

On Wednesday 22 August, twelve students from Years 4, 5 and 6 travelled to AB Paterson College for the biannual Innovations Of The Future Competition. The students were divided into two teams of six for the competition.

The theme for the day was Earth Of Tomorrow. After a presentation from a guest speaker in the morning, the students were broken up into the sciences: chemistry, biology and physics, with two members of each team in each focus area.

Each pair completed a practical activity where they learnt something about the competition’s theme before getting back together with their other team members for a culminating task. This task involved the creation of a city plan that would meet some of the issues facing the earth at the moment; for example, overpopulation, pollution, sustainable resources.

In the afternoon, the students were treated to the Bangs And Flashes show which was held by one of the AB Paterson science teachers; the explosions were a highlight.

The students’ enthusiasm about the day was evident in the wonderful way they collaborated, behaved and, most importantly, had fun. 

Amanda Bowker 
Deputy Head of Junior School