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Ormiston College lends hearts and hands

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Over the last few months a team at the College, led by Lee Catterall, Erin Ware, Samantha Wong, Sarndra Bown and Melodie Nelson has been developing a Community Service Program known as Hearts & Hands, which will endeavour to encourage our students to put serving others before themselves. The Hearts & Hands program is a whole school initiative and will sit under the banner of OC Chaplaincy. We are very excited to welcome our new Chaplain, Mrs Anneliese Reeves to the College this term. Anneliese will be on campus three days per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

Hearts & Hands will develop ongoing community service projects throughout the year with the purpose of assisting both the Ormiston College and the wider Redland City community in social, environmental and spiritual endeavours and as a result will further build student character and foster well-rounded, empathetic citizens, who show compassion, demonstrate humility and encourage integrity and responsibility through service.

The first Hearts & Hands initiative commences this week with a ‘cook-up’ on Saturday 8 October and will include students from Years 6 to 12, staff and any parents who are interested in joining the team. Food cooked at this event will be the beginning of an ongoing ‘Food Bank’ that we hope to use for families in our OC community who are in need. Meals may be used for families at a time of loss, illness or hardship and by providing the family with a meal or two from the Hearts & Hands Food Bank, we hope to ease the burden of the small day to day routines by offering quick, easy to prepare meals, easing some of the pressure in hard times.

To ensure our first service initiative is a success and to support our staff and student volunteers, we have been calling on College families to donate the ingredients for us to make Spaghetti Bolognaise, Pumpkin Soup and a Peach Chicken Curry and Rice. The meals have been created with storage and ease of preparation in mind. Food items (ingredients) have been designated to each year level and the collection of these items will happen during morning form classes this week. Year 6: Tomato paste and dried basil, Year 7: Fresh garlic and onions, Year 8: Spaghetti, Year 9: White rice, Year 10: Tinned coconut milk and peaches, Year 11: Tinned tomatoes, Year 12: Fresh pumpkins.

The launch of this program reflects our commitment to provide a caring and supportive environment that enhances students’ social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We look forward to sharing many more acts of service for our community in the future.

Ormiston College Chaplaincy Team