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SAY NO TO BULLYING Middle School Cup Grand Final


Now an anticipated event on the College calendar, the ‘Say no to bullying’ Middle School Cup, is an occasion that allows dozens of teams to compete in a football competition that promotes a strong message of saying “NO” to bullying at Ormiston College. The event brings students together instilling the values of respect, good sportsmanship, positive attitudes and teamwork, more importantly, getting long whilst having fun.

At this year’s Grand Final, the Middle School joined as one to witness a play off between ‘Ivory Coast’ and ‘Cook Islands’ which included some Ronaldo-like goals keeping the crowd entertained throughout.

In a close encounter, ‘Ivory Coast’ defeated ‘Cook Islands’ 3-2 to win the Grand Final. Congratulations to Year 9 students Ben O’Shea, Max Payne, Lochlan James, Mitchell Newbury, Stanley Snaylam, Sam Speedie and Luke Mursalo.

The knock-out competition started with 31 football teams each taking part to promote the strong message of Saying No to Bullying at Ormiston College.

Participation, cooperation, organisation, respecting each other, being a good sport, and most importantly getting along and having fun are the main aims of this annual tournament. It was great to see so many boys and girls taking part, many dressing for the occasion for their adopted country of choice. All games were played in good spirit.

Well done to all Middle School students for supporting this event and in particular to the 200 students for taking part and making it a huge success. Thank you to all the Year 9 students who took on the role of referee throughout the tournament and to Jordan Hall (Year 9) for his fantastic photography. Bring on 2017!

Mr Phillip Makridakis
Head of Middle School