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At Ormiston College, we provide permanent, on-campus pastoral support and guidance for students and their parents. Our Pastoral Care Program focuses on students’ social, emotional, behavioural and spiritual well-being and builds their capacity to meet the challenges faced during and beyond their school years.

Establishing a nurturing, safe environment for our students, that also sets boundaries, establishes expectations and encourages achievement to the best of the individual’s ability, helps to build a child’s confidence and, over time, the ability to reach out and help others.

The Student Support Services team consists of two Counsellors and a Chaplain.

Cynthia Geldenhuys (Counsellor – Middle and Senior Schools), Liz Lenton (Careers Advisor and Counsellor – Junior School) and Anneliese Reeves (Chaplain).

We look forward to supporting your child in reaching their full potential – emotionally, socially, and academically, alongside the amazing team of educators at Ormiston College.

Cynthia Geldenhuys provides guidance and counselling support for predominantly Middle and Senior School students. Counselling is provided individually and/or in groups, including appropriate short term therapeutic interventions. The focus is on helping students succeed in all areas of their development by increasing skills to deal with problems and conflicts constructively. Counselling sessions in the school setting are typically short-term in nature. We can support families in connecting with other agencies and professionals as needed.

Liz Lenton works with Middle and Senior School students providing careers education, guidance and academic support; and also provides counselling support for predominantly Junior School students. Working closely with each year level, Liz prepares students for career decision-making for subject selections and post-schooling pathways. Year 12 students also receive individual guidance in their post-schooling planning, tertiary entrance applications, and effective transitioning into life beyond school.

Anneliese Reeves provides spiritual, social and emotional care for our students, staff and College families. Anneliese provides a listening ear and caring presence on the campus. As there is a close link between learning and wellbeing, part of Anneliese’s role is to support the educational goals of students through in-class support. Anneliese is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and invites you to stop by the Chapel to say hello.

Students may be referred for support from a teacher, staff member, parent or self. To make a referral or set up a meeting, you may call the school on 3821 8999 or email us personally at the below addresses.

Cynthia’s email –

Liz’s email –

Anneliese’s email –

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