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The Gold Rush - Year 5 students take a step back in time

On 7 November our Year 5 students had the opportunity to dress up in colonial attire and immerse themselves in the life and customs of the mid-nineteenth century. The Gold Rush Day celebration formed part of the Year 5 History studies and by taking on the roles of people from the 1850’s, students were able to understand the difficulties and hardships endured by early immigrants and families from various parts of Australia.

The day enabled students to understand a more basic way of life compared to modern day living; throughout the day they experienced many activities relevant to that era. Students made damper, tested out their sewing skills, played marbles and jacks as opposed to modern day digital devices. They learned about panning for gold, the disappointment and patience needed to survive.

As well as the various skills and social behaviour of the early Australians, the study also taught students about the character and motivation of the settlers and how personal groups and national identities worked together creating a new culture.

Stepping back in time and spending a day in role proved to be a valuable learning experience for our Year 5 students, who now have a much greater understanding of what life was like in the days of the great Gold Rush.

Year 5 Teachers