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Moot Court - Enhancing practical skills for Legal Studies students


An anticipated event, held annually at Ormiston College, is the Moot Court. An activity designed to provide simulated court proceedings that are close to real-life situations, for Year 11 students who are undertaking Legal Studies.

The Moot Court is no simple oral presentation, it is an intellectual exercise that requires a great deal of research, advocacy and good teamwork. The immensely strict observance of the court procedure not only enhances our students’ practical skills and presentation adeptness but it also provides them with a true insight into the manner in which law is conducted within our Criminal Justice System.

The Case is selected well in advance, allowing students a set amount of time to prepare for the trial. During this time students anticipate the legal issues, work-out the material facts, apply the relevant aspects of law, predict arguments and rebut the opposition.

The parquetry in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Centre is transformed into a courtroom setting, spaciously accommodating spectators, enabling students and staff from other parts of the school to attend. The venue provides ideal surroundings for the proceedings and the costumes, furnishings and the manner in which the trial is conducted all add up to a very authentic presentation.

In August this year we witnessed yet another very professionally run Moot Court. The Jury, students from St Andrews Anglican College, who have participated in the proceedings for a number of years, once again returned to the College to deliberate on a Murder Trial.

Year 11 Legal Studies students are to be commended on an outstanding presentation: this year’s Moot Court was a realistic replication of what one would expect to see at the Supreme Court.

Mr Damian Molyneux
Academic Coordinator (