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Too hot to do anything? Not likely!

As the mercury continued to climb earlier this week one would reasonably think that activity would be kept to a minimum, simply for self-preservation. Ormiston Humanitarians are made of much sterner stuff than that!

Our Year 8 Geographers have thrown themselves into their unit on Landscapes and have been creating their own topographic potato! This practical exercise aims to teach students the concept of contour lines and how a two dimensional presentation represents a three-dimensional real world landscape. It is also an important visual literacy skill, allowing students to interpret non-written information.

Year 9 History have been wrestling with a different landscape, Revolutionary France. This pivotal event has been brought to life this week as our budding historians have examined the social structure of the Ancien Regime. The role-playing activity has allowed students to empathise more strongly with the oppressed masses of a distant country nearly 230 years ago. The guillotine awaits!

A number of classes have been making use of our 21st Century learning Spaces in the Humanities block in recent times. This initiative by the College has helped transform learning for our students. The furniture is mobile and covered in writable surfaces. This allows for a range of different learning styles to be catered for. The Year 12 Ancient Historians have been utilising this space to wrestle with the nature of Republican Rome’s political system. The opportunity for collaboration in this setting has helped students come to grips with difficult concepts and laid the foundation for their study of the assassination of Julius Caesar.

The highlight of the week though has been the Year 10 Geography Field Trip to the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy. This innovative agricultural operation is one of only two such operations in Australia and is an excellent showcase of the use of technology in agriculture to boost production and promote sustainable use of resources. As part of their Food Security unit, the Year 10s trip involved an investigation into the issues surrounding dairy production and the ways that primary producers adapt their production to fit environmental constraints. The importance of food production to the Scenic Rim region was reinforced by a presentation to the group by, Michael Reeve, principal Cheese Maker for the Witches Chase Cheese company. These cheeses, yoghurt and other dairy goods are made with product from the local. This experience has allowed students to gain a greater understanding of a valuable regional enterprise in a $3 billion a year export market. The day provided students with much food for thought.

So, if that is what our students get up to in the hottest (so far!) week of the year, imagine what they will achieve when winter is here!

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Year 10 Geography Dairy and Cheese Field Trip 2017 from Ormiston College on Vimeo.

Ian Burgess
Head of Humanities