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Top trophies and medals for Ormiston College drama students

A display of confidence and outstanding presentation skills, plus many hours of practice and determination, resulted in an overwhelming haul of top trophies, medals, bursaries and prizes for our Junior and Secondary drama students.

This amazing prize pool took place at the recent Wynnum Manly Speech and Drama Eisteddfod over an eight-day period. Miss Jodie Macnamara, Co-curricular Drama Teacher, praised students for their dedication and high standard of performance. “All students are to be congratulated, especially those who bravely went up on stage for the very first time. I am so proud of every single one of our students.” she commented.

Students participated in many different sections of the Eisteddfod, allowing them to display their dramatic versatility. Most students performed in multiple sections, i.e. character recitals, the various poetry genres, mime, group improvisation and impromptu reading.

All contestants must enter their age as it was on the first day of the year in which an Eisteddfod is held. Our major prize winners were:

Adam Naish: Senior Scholarship (13 to 18 Years). Youth Scholarship Trophy + $200 Bursary

Ellie Webster: Speech Champion (12 Years and Under). Rotary Club Trophy + $50 Bursary

Breanna Lanyon: Communication, Speech and Performance Teachers Inc. Special award ‘The Outstanding Performer’. A book of Shakespeare.

Breanna Lanyon: Highest Mark in an Australian Poem (13 Years). Bursary.

Breanna Lanyon: Highest Mark for Set Verse (13 Years). Katrina Westcombe Trophy.

Rachael Taylor: Highest mark for Character Recital (12 Years). Robyn Westcombe Trophy + Bursary.

Bronte Ling: Highest Mark for Character Recital (9 Years). The Katrina Westcombe Trophy

Ormiston College students were the proud recipients of many top prizes, receiving medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, plus many Highly Commended. Also, a great number of students received certificates for obtaining the mark of 80 or over. Seeing so many Ormiston College uniforms representing our school on stage makes us all extremely proud.

Co-curricular Drama is available for Individual, Paired or Group Lessons for students from Prep through to Year 12. Details and enquiries may be made to Miss Jodie Macnamara.