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Year 11 Geographers Go Retro

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You may be of an age to remember when disco was king and the Saturday Night Roller Disco was the highlight of the week. Our Year 11 Geographers had the chance to revive the glory days of skating last week in an engaging study of urban development and business planning.

As part of our semester theme of Sustaining Communities, students have been studying the interrelationships between demographics, land uses, and business mix in urban environments. Through the analysis of demographic data compiled by the ABS, aerial photos and supporting information from local government, the Year 11s have applied their geographical knowledge to the real world problem of successfully locating a recreation-focussed business in the Redlands.

Students were able to utilise the extensive experience of the Stafford Skate Centre’s owner, Robert Carter. His business is a Brisbane icon and his infectious enthusiasm for his sport had a positive influence on our students. After a presentation and Q and A session students (and Mr Ahrens and Ms Hammond) took to the rink and showcased their skating skills. On return to Capalaba, leading Australian expert in Recreational and Open Spaces, Angela Wright from Redland City Council, discussed relevant development issues facing the local community. With this information on board, students now need to locate a skating rink for their local community in one of two locations.

This activity highlights the practical and rigorous nature of Geography as a discipline and the crucial role it plays in our everyday lives.

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Geography IS all around us.

Ian Burgess
Head of Humanities