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Year 11 unite at Camp Somerset

Throughout the week we helped and relied on people we didn’t know well, we gave each other the confidence to stand up and by joining hands (often literally) we pulled everyone through together! Working as a team we have created beautiful moments that have since turned into beautiful memories. This welcomed transition from a segregated cohort of teenagers to a unified people is the essence that is Year 11 camp and we can safely say the mission was a great success.

From High-ropes courses to lip-sync battles, Year 11 camp had it all. As we headed back to reality and school life filled with assignments and homework, we are sure the majority of students are daydreaming about their time at Camp Somerset and wishing we were back there again.

Special thanks must go to Mr Jarrett for making this unforgettable experience possible, to the Form Teachers for putting up with us for four straight days, and to the staff of Camp Somerset, for making this camp one of the undeniable highlights of our time in Year 11.

Rhianna Eather and Benjamin Holmes
Year 11 Students