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Year 12 Ski Trip 2015

The Southern Courtyard came back to life at the start of this week as the Year 12s resumed their usual lunch time positions. However, on closer inspection it became obvious that things were not quite the same. Somehow the dynamics had changed. The size of the groups of students who were enjoying lunch together seemed to have increased in number. What had occurred to impact on the lunch time habits of the last three terms? Was it the recent Year 12 Ski Trip?

As I moved from group to group I asked the students “what was the Ski Trip like?” They talked fondly about the bus trip down to Perisher. They even talked with enthusiasm about the bus breaking down in Sydney at 1am in the morning and adding three hours to the usual 20 hour journey.

“What made the Ski Trip so great?” I asked. “Awesome snow and awesome company” was the reply. They started to recall the funny things that had happened over the eight days. The biggest laugh was reserved for when they recalled the escapades of Ellaine Grondin, who lost control when dismounting from a chairlift and set a new bench mark by taking out eight of her class mates in the process. Memories and friendships to last a life time. What a fantastic way to unwind from the stresses of Term 3 – the most intense term of Year 12.

By all reports, the Year 12 Ski Trippers did the College proud receiving numerous compliments from the staff at Corroboree Lodge and the bus drivers. Thank you to Mr Molyneux, Ms Perkins, Ms Thwaite, Mr Farnworth and Mr McBride for your part in making the Ski Trip such a success.

Mr Paul Hornibrook
Head of Senior School