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Year 12 Tree Planting Ceremony – a growing tradition

Last week the Seniors of 2016 participated in the traditional Tree Planting Ceremony outside the Junior Arts Centre and Year 6 classrooms. This ceremony marked the beginning of a number of special events which celebrate and recognise the contributions of the Seniors during their time at the College. College Captain, Ryan Watson commented that “the association of growth with the planting of a tree represents the symbolic qualities of this event: Just like you, the tree will grow through the years, becoming stronger, and making the world a better place for new generations to come.”

Our Year 12s appreciated the chance to contribute to the quality of the environment which has always been a feature of the Ormiston College campus. Furthermore, the planting in this part of the College, where Junior and Secondary Schools, converge was of particular significance.

College Captain, Tess Photinos reflected on the fact that “just as trees need water, sunlight and nutrients to grow and thrive, so too has OC provided the Year 12 cohort with the same kind of sustenance to help them develop into young men and women who can now stand on their own two feet and are now prepared to face what life still has to throw at them.”

Growth, development, re-growth does not stop, neither in schools nor in life!

Craig Askin
Deputy Head of Senior School