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Year 12s put the 'E' in ACHIEVE

Ormiston College uses the ACHIEVE acronym to help articulate the essence of an OC education.

Through activities organised by College Captains, Tess Photinos and Ryan Watson, this term the Year 12s have been putting the “E” into ACHIEVE. In the acronym, the first E stands for Emotional, Social and Behavioural well-being and the second E stands for Enjoyment.

By necessity, the academic demands and rigour escalate as students move through their senior years. Year 12 students describe their final year as intense. However, it is fantastic to see that the Year 12’s have found time to have some fun along the way and strengthen the unity within their cohort.

Tess and Ryan have organised for the Year 12 Form Classes to visit the Prep to Year 3 Junior School classes at lunch time in an activity they call Backyard Bonanza. It has been wonderful to see our Year 12’s playing Duck Duck Goose with our younger students and building those emotional and social connections.

Next term’s Senior Formal is certainly on the Year 12s' minds and Tess and Ryan focussed on the Formal for this week’s Class Crown challenge. Each form class was given 11 rolls of toilet paper, 2 rolls of tape, a pair of scissors and 20 minutes to create a Formal Gown and Formal Suit complete with corsage and bow tie. The fun, laughter and enjoyment that emanated from the Year 12s as the models paraded down the catwalk was priceless.

Congratulations to Mrs Matthew’s Form Class who were judged the winners. Mrs Matthew will now proudly wear the Class Crown until it is up for grabs at the next challenge in Term 3.

Paul Hornibrook
Head of Senior School