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Year 7 students experience 'Cyberia'

On Wednesday 6 September, Brainstorm Productions presented ‘Cyberia’ to the Year 7 cohort as part of their Student Enhancement Program.

Powerful, compelling, Cyberia was an unflinching live theatre experience about cyber bullying and its devastating repercussions. Cyberia depicts two teen characters that are increasingly using social media, gaming and selfies to express themselves. In time, this takes a nasty twist leading to cyber bullying and the spreading of hurtful rumours online. 

The characters suddenly realise they can't just press the "undo" button to save their relationships, reputation or their dignity. The presentation encouraged students to think carefully before they ‘post’, and gave strategies to report and recover from cyber bullying, limit screen time and stay safe online.

All the students were fully engaged and took home some great tips for managing their social life in the digital world - just in time for the school holidays! 

Rosina Cullen
Year 7 Coordinator