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​Year 8 ‘Confidence Challenge’ achieves its goal through Hip Hop


To build confidence and self-esteem in adolescents, whilst providing fun, challenge and student collaboration is a task that was taken on by the Middle School, when they commenced the 2015 Year 8 Confidence Challenge.

The goal was to develop strong self-belief and assurance within the year group, enabling them to feel confident, not only within their environment but performance-wise in front of their peers. Standing up in front of ones class to present an oral presentation or to sing, dance, recite or perform, can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for many students.

For this reason, the Confidence Challenge was designed. Over the course of a term, students worked with talented dance instructor, Louise Best, to practice and refine a specific Hip Hop performance, unique to each individual class. This was to be staged at an annual Confidence Challenge event. The winners to be named as the ‘Most Hip’ of the Hip Hop class.

The term’s goal was achieved with outstanding success, not only by the exceptional performances of the various class groups, but also the effort they injected into their individual routines. A very obvious indication that confidence, conviction and believe in themselves had been acquired through the overall process. A definite transformation and noticeable growth in confidence was evident as they performed openly in front of their peers.

It was a very hard task for the staff to select a winning class as all members of the cohort had put in such a determined effort, but the winners were 8.4, who are to be the recipients of a Pizza Party.

Congratulations to all the individual and group performers below who volunteered on the day, your growth in confidence was certainly a goal achieved!

Quangvy Ho, Matthew Maxwell, Andy Johnston, Jake Marlborough, Declan Hedger, Brooke Morrish, Maggie Greer, Stephanie Moutafis, Charlotte Scanlan, Georgia Wruck, Erin Lowe, AJ Wilson, Emily Storey, Maddie Ross, Vincent D’Amico, Kaija Scott, Eleanor Parrish, Isabella Thaesler, Annabel Lane, Jordan Hall, Ella Speedie