Ignite their passion for learning.

Ormiston College is a school built around you.

Focused on developing and challenging students as well as teachers to be the best they can be, we understand and recognise the differences, the similarities and the strengths of each individual child. We guide them and teach them to explore, to strive for success, and to take on their dreams with confidence and compassion so they may go out into the community as leaders.

Teaching and learning has come a long way; educators worldwide have moved away from the classroom of old. No longer do students sit passively listening to rote-style teaching; instead, their learning is tailored to facilitate the development of higher order thinking skills. Students are collaborating more within their own peer groups, discovering through their own endeavours and embarking on innovative ways in which to accumulate and source knowledge.

What sets Ormiston College apart from other schools and enables us to create a learning environment where all young people shine is the pedagogical impact of our innovative teaching and learning. We have developed viable and realistic educational programs that have the potential to provide an important balance between the digital competencies necessary for students to succeed in the 21st century, plus the ability to become effective, confident communicators with strong leadership skills.

As parents, the choice of school is one of the most important decisions we make on behalf of our children. It is a decision that significantly influences their future and their attitude towards learning, goal striving, success and their happiness.

From our Early Learning Centre, right through our Early Years, Upper Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years, Ormiston College sets the benchmark for integrated private school learning in the Redlands area. It is ‘their future’ but ‘your decision’ and we understand your aspiration to give them every opportunity for success.

Who will you trust to prepare your child for careers that don’t yet exist using technologies that are yet to be invented? At Ormiston College we are redefining learning for the 21st century.

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