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In the Middle School, teachers create an environment that is safe, supportive and respectful. Students in turn demonstrate resilience and kindness, inclusion and empathy, creating a sense of belonging for their peers. This allows students to be healthy, happy, engaged and successful in both their academic and social development. Ormiston College shares this responsibility with the wider community.

Middle School is a time for developing personal identity and discovering talents and aptitudes. Ormiston College students participate in an extensive range of co-curricular activities designed to positively guide and influence their character and deliver the solid academic and broad cultural foundations parents expect from Redlands’ top independent Christian middle school.

Middle Years

A seamless experience

One of the innovative ways in which we help your child move seamlessly between their early education and Secondary School is our Year 7 Precinct, a unique space that provides a home base for the majority of their core classes and allows us to deliver the kind of stable learning environment that is particularly important for students of this age. It is one more example of our desire to provide the spark that lights the fire in every child.

Middle School represents a great time of change for young people. It is a time of transition from child to young adult.

Middle Years

Solid foundations

To ensure solid academic and cultural foundations and a smooth transition into secondary schooling life, Ormiston College offers a Middle School program for Years 7, 8 and 9. This program allows for a seamless transition from primary school, while recognising the developmental needs of early adolescents.

The College is committed to providing students in these years with an environment that can help them negotiate the impact of puberty on their intellectual, social and emotional lives. Connectedness lies at the heart of education for our Middle School students and is a time for developing personal identity, along with discovering talents and aptitudes. Our program is designed to identify and nurture the strengths of each student, while positively guiding and influencing their character.

Middle Years

Making connections

Making Connections is a unique purpose-designed program for Year 7 students which facilitates the transition journey from Junior School to Secondary School and supports and develops students’ intellectual and social skills during their first year in the secondary learning environment at Ormiston College. This program relies on developing a deep sense of connectedness between students, teachers and parents working in partnership towards shared aims, culture and values.

Middle Years

A balanced approach

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students are challenged and inspired through a rigorous academic program, balanced with opportunities for social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Students are expected to demonstrate a strong work ethic: to understand the benefits of perseverance, focus, concentration, preparation, organisation and diligence. Our purpose-built Year 7 Precinct provides a supportive and nurturing environment for our young people to thrive. The majority of core classes are taught within this precinct with students moving around campus to access specialist facilities.

Middle Years

Co-curricular opportunities

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities to help cultivate important life skills, be it taking to the stage to perform, playing their favourite sport, raising charitable funds or participating in robotics and STEM clubs.

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