From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame.

In every child lies great potential; the promise of wonderful things to come. At Ormiston College, a private Christian school in the Redlands area, it is our role to ignite the passion within and encourage every student to light up their world.

Sport is one of life's great lessons.

We believe sport plays an integral part in a well-rounded education. It encourages students to value fitness and wellbeing, teamwork, fair play and the pursuit of dreams. And besides, it’s great fun. Ormiston College has a proud history of sporting success.

Finding happiness through holistic learning.

At Ormiston College, we take a holistic approach to learning, encouraging students to find identity, purpose and meaning within a caring and supportive community. We offer award-winning teaching and learning through a curriculum that promotes intellectual, physical, social, cultural and moral development. Students receive constant encouragement from dedicated staff and enjoy a community-focused culture on a spacious campus that offers state-of-the-art facilities. The result is well-rounded graduates ready to realise their potential as happy and fulfilled members of society.

Spark a lifelong interest.

Our co-curricular program encourages students to discover new talents, grow in self-confidence and broaden their horizons. From Music, Drama and Debating to, aerobics and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, we offer a world of opportunities designed to ignite the spark within. Ormiston College encourages student participation in a variety of clubs and committees, such as Art Club, Robotics Club, Social Justice Committee, Environmental Committee and the Cultural Committee. We believe that critical learning extends beyond campus, which is why students can enjoy a program of camps and excursions that will allow them to explore the world and broaden their horizons.

Learn at Ormiston College

A commitment to lifelong learning.

At Ormiston College, we unlock every student’s personal and academic potential through a well-rounded curriculum that develops their knowledge and skills to succeed. We offer five key phases of learning designed to spark something wonderful.

15 Months to 5 Years of Age

Early Learning Centre

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Prep to Year 3

Early Years

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Year 4 to Year 6

Upper Junior Years

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Year 7 to Year 9

Middle Years

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Year 10 to Year 12

Senior Years

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A culture of pride and respect.

Confidence, integrity and respect are the foundations of well-rounded and lifelong achievers. At Ormiston College, we will nurture your child’s talents while providing challenging opportunities to help them develop character, responsibility and initiative. Our schooling experience is based on traditional, Christian values that cultivate self-worth, emotional resilience, discipline, compassion, loyalty and social responsibility. When our work is done, students have the confidence to go anywhere – and the humility to stay true to themselves.


What’s happening at Ormiston College

Ormiston College is committed to keeping our current and past students, parents, carers, teachers and local community informed of news, events and achievements.