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Ormiston College is a co-educational, non-denominational Christian school based on Christian values and our School Chaplain plays an important role working with the Guidance Counsellors and staff to provide student welfare support.

The Chaplain's primary focus is to provide guidance and support for students, but the service is also available to families, staff and the wider school community. The Chaplain is there to help with a wide range of welfare issues including personal development, crisis support in cases of bereavement, family breakdown, grief situations and all spiritual, religious and ethical matters.


Support for students, families and more

On a voluntary basis some students may wish to access the Chaplain through a one-on-one appointment. As is the case when making an appointment with other members of the Student Support Services Team, initial contact can be made via email on chaplain@ormistoncollege.com.au or by making a request at the Student Support Services office.

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Contact the Chaplain

To speak to the College Chaplain, students can make a request at the Student Support Services office or:

Email: chaplain@ormistoncollege.com.au

Phone: +61 7 3821 8999

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