Welcome to Puggle’s Burrow.

The early years of a child’s life are a wonderous time, with endless possibilities and the opportunity for people and environments to shape a child’s bright future. At Ormiston College Early Learning Centre, we are fortunate enough to play an integral part in the influential early years of a child’s life.

Our Early Learning environment is fun, stimulating, safe and exciting and is filled with safe, yet challenging open-ended materials that provide ongoing opportunities for open-ended play. Our curriculum is adaptive and is driven by the child, with the emphasis on exploration, creative expression and active learning in a nurturing and relaxed environment.

In the early years, play is vitally important; the environment is always carefully curated to encourage creative thinking and expression. We encourage dramatic play, language skills, roleplay, problem solving, teamwork, games, experimenting with cause and effect, trial and error and building creative thinking.

The Early Learning Centre also places high value on respect, community involvement and responsibility. It promotes active learning and encourages the child’s social and emotional growth through hands-on activities and experiences that are meaningful to them.

“Play is not a break from learning. It is endless, delightful, deep, engaging, practical learning. It is the doorway into the child’s heart!“
Vince Gowmon

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To learn more about the Puggle's Burrow Early Learning Centre, please read the Puggle's Burrow Information Brochure. You can also download an Application for Enrolment form. For further information, please contact the Early Learning Centre Director, Andrea Potter, on 3488 6720 or by email on ocelc@ormistoncollege.com.au.

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