Delightful shimmers fill the theatre and the audience shares a frisson of anticipation in reply...

Over 100 students from Year 3 and Year 5 charmed a sparse yet COVID-safe audience in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre on Thursday afternoon, 29 October.

Ormiston College’s Year 3 Sing and String, proudly directed by Head of Strings Ms Kristyll Hansen, came together for a celebration performance, showcasing their work from the year. Even with the challenges of lockdown, isolation and learning beginner skills from video, the Year 3 children performed exquisitely. From the opening notes of the curtain raiser through to the well-timed steps of a Russian march, the students displayed the ensemble unity and depth of sound we have come to expect from our outstanding college Music programs.

Hot on their heels, the Year 5 Beginner Band took us through Disneyland, Latin America, and to the door of Christmas with arrangements and songs from across the world. The band, under the direction of Mr Nicholas Cavallaro, was supported by our team of Instrumental Music tutors. The students showed us how weekly lessons and rehearsals combine to produce musical performances of top quality, with attention to detail, fine-tuning, and balanced dynamics.

Congratulations to all on a fine, fine Showcase.

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