COVID-19 turbo-charged the shift to online shopping and has forever reshaped consumer online shopping behaviour. The result is a ‘changing of the guard’, where e-retailer, Kogan, is now worth as much as Myer and David Jones combined (The Sydney Morning Herald, June 5, 2020). So, what is the future for department stores? What new strategies can they fast track for 2021 and beyond?

This is the essence of the two first semester internal assessment reports to be completed by Year 12 Business. Associate Professor Sarah Kelly, from UQ Business School joined the Year 12 Business classes earlier this week to discuss ‘emerging technologies in marketing’. By embracing such things augmented reality, incorporating gaming mechanics into non-gaming contexts such as loyalty programs, virtual goods and remote sales assistants, our department stores may indeed have a future well beyond 2030.

The focus of the Business Internal Assessment Unit 2 is Myer. Students need to analyse current marketing and operation strategies and evaluate potential future strategies. One key component of this investigation business report is the gathering of primary data. To assist with this procedure students had a workshop conducted by Sue Holz, CEO and Principle Analyst, Research by Design last year.

Having professionals give up their valuable time to come in and do workshops with our Business students is an important element in making the subject engaging and also up to date with what is happening in our local and the global market place.

Georgina Barfoot
Teacher (Business)

Published Wednesday 17, Feb 2021

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