If Friday 16 July was anything to go by, this Year 8 cohort will be able to take on the world!

The students continue to learn that change is inevitable and then adeptly pivot and go with the flow of changing circumstances. As so it was again with the Year 8 Humanities field trip to the Gold Coast on Friday 16 July, when restrictions were extended and the trip was quickly modified so that these could be accommodated.

Our students, parents and staff took it all in their stride. Thanks, in particular, to Mr Duncan (father of Ellen) for providing us with boxes of disposable masks in case students were unable to access one in time for our trip.

And so we journeyed down to the Gold Coast where it rained everywhere - except exactly where we were! At Palm Beach, dunes were profiled, vegetation was identified, field sketches were drawn, and the wind and waves were measured. We were able to apply our content knowledge to understand the coastal processes which created the beach we saw.

At our last stop of the day at The Spit, we walked out onto the Sand Pumping Jetty and listened to how it worked. As we cast our eyes southward back to our primary field location, Palm Beach, a rainbow appeared, marking the end of a great trip.

Roslyn Minnikin

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