On Wednesday 9 June, teams of Interhouse Debaters took to stages all around the College to debate topics based on animals. The topics were:

Junior: Cats are better than dogs.

Intermediate: Pets should be allowed in schools.

Senior: Medical research using animals should be banned.

Thanks to excellent planning and preparation the results were very close. Congratulations go to the following students presented with Speaker of the Day and Encouragement Awards:

Speaker of the Day Award

Junior (Years 7 and 8) - Milan Kaniyur and Lachlan Maier

Intermediate (Years 9 and 10) - Chloe Richter and Decan Field

Senior (Years 11 and 12) - Ben Honeycombe and Mikayla Dhu

Encouragement Award

Junior (Years 7 and 8) - Madison Merriman and Ava Ryan

Intermediate (Years 9 and 10) - Ella Polglase and Peyton Bird

Senior (Years 11 and 12) - Jay Gills and Lindsay Hibberd

The second and final round is set to take place in Term 3.

Julianne de Lange
Cultural Leadership Committee Teacher Leader

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