During the first week of the Christmas holidays, twenty Year 10 and Year 11 Marine Science students visited Konomie (North Keppel Island). During their stay, the students snorkelled three different reefs around Great Keppel Island and carried out coral surveys to assess the diversity and health of coral populations. The weather conditions were optimal for successful data collection for their upcoming assignment.

The students were able to experience firsthand the impacts of bleaching, reef breakage and floodwater run-off on reefs, while also witnessing the benefits of ecological management strategies in protecting fish populations and coral. The camp also provided the students with a valuable opportunity to develop their learning and understanding of the rich history of the island and the traditional owners of the land, the Woppaburra people.

Other highlights included fishing, photo-orienteering activities, a night walk, time on an outrigger, a guided walk to the lookout, and much more!

Thank you to everyone involved in planning, preparing and operating this unforgettable trip for our Marine Science students!

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