In December 2021, the announcement of the Australian Education Awards 2021 gave good reason for staff and students at Ormiston College to celebrate.

The College was elated to be presented with an impressive eight awards, including Secondary School of the Year (Non-Government), Primary School Teacher of the Year (Non-Government) and the Best Use of Technology Award.

Ormiston College’s Excellence Awards included Innovation in Learning Environment Design, Primary School of the Year (Non-Government), School Principal of the Year (Non-Government), Secondary School Teacher of the Year (Non-Government) and Best Co-Curricular Program.

These prestigious awards are testament to Ormiston College’s ongoing commitment to innovation and to preparing students for the 21st century and beyond. The team at Ormiston College deliver teaching and learning programs that strive to develop learners who think flexibly, work independently and collaboratively, take risks, solve real-world problems and demonstrate higher-order thinking skills. Acknowledgement in these national excellence in education categories provide a wonderful opportunity for the College to showcase the progress that is made each year and to celebrate the people and the teamwork that Ormiston College is all about.

Ormiston College Headmaster, Brett Webster commented, “Our Ormiston College team is elated with the Australian Education Award outcomes. Being shortlisted to receive excellence awards in itself is an outstanding achievement and testament to the capacity and dedication of our whole team, as well as the strategic focus of the College and the way we commit to continual improvement for the good of our students.”

“But then to be awarded overall national winner in the two major school categories of Best Use of Technology and Secondary School of the Year, that is an amazing outcome. Ormiston College has established very clear and strategic achievement priorities. These consistently relate to supporting strong academic foundations, the highest quality teaching practice, adding value through tech-enabled learning and innovation, as well as nurturing a holistic school experience that is fun and rewarding for all. With ambitious and aspirational achievement goals in these areas, our community works very intentionally to build the best possible College experience for the students of OC.”

The College is a recognised leader in technology-enabled learning and delivers a unique teaching and learning framework that incorporates a focus on 21st century skills and a long-term commitment to the meaningful use of technology.

In October, for the seventh consecutive year, the College was recognised as one of Australia’s most Innovative Schools of 2021.


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