In exciting news for Ormiston College, Year 11 student Grace Garnett has won the Red Room Poetry Object Competition 2020 with her poem There is a painting in an antique shop that reminded me of you.

Lead judge, Eleanor Jackson was incredibly impressed with the poem and believes it shows a true flair for the poetic form as well as capturing the essence of Grace’s special object.

Red Room Poetry Object is Australasia’s largest free poetry-writing competition for young people and their teachers. Poetry Object ignites imaginations by inviting poems inspired by treasured, curious, everyday, extraordinary, interplanetary, or talismanic objects.

In creating a new space for poets to shape the worlds around them, Red Room Poetry offers the opportunity for poets in this competition to consider objects of meaning to them, from the memory of galactic stones to sneakers that glow in the dark, the satellites of mobile phones and comets of things past – a first tooth, a red ballet shoe, fake vampire fangs, a stamp collection holding secret light.

Grace's inspiration was a tiny painting, no bigger than the palm of her hand.

You can listen to Grace read There is a painting in an antique shop that reminded me of you on Youtube below, or read it at

Congratulations Grace!

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