Sometimes, you will never know the value of the moment
until it becomes a memory.'
Dr Seuss

On Thursday 4 November 2021, Ormiston College held the second of its ‘Biennial Generations' Breakfast’ in the Centre for Learning and Innovation Plaza and Café. The purpose behind the creation of this celebratory event in 2019, was to give recognition and acknowledgement to those members of our Alumni who had made the major decision of enrolling their child, or children, into Ormiston College; allowing them to follow in their footsteps by receiving the best education, plus meaningful friendships, and form their very own lifelong memories.

Whilst the invited guests included two generations, one being the Alumni parent, the other their son or daughter, the invitation also extended to included College Executives and several long-standing staff members. At 7.00am the second-generation students dressed in full OC uniform, representing both Junior and Secondary School, started arriving in the Plaza, accompanied by parents whose faces seemed familiar but certainly more mature than previously remembered.

Within minutes of their arrival, the faces of the Alumni took on yet another expression, this time one of excitement, recognition and pleasure at being able to meet and greet past schoolmates and past staff members. The adage ‘Sometimes you will never know the value of the moment, until it becomes a memory’ certainly proves itself to be a truism. From that moment on, there was nothing but smiles and continual chatter from the OC Alumni and staff.

The students, however, darted in and out of the Café with their personal selection of breakfast food, not necessarily that recommended by their parent, but then who would forgo the opportunity of biting into an iced doughnut and other enticing choices, when you were told you could go and help yourself?

On arrival, each member of the Alumni received a name tag, plus, more importantly, they were presented with a ‘Second-Generation’ badge, in a small, elegant black box. These were immediately displayed with pride. In the background we enjoyed a continuous presentation by various members of our Music Department. This was followed by a Welcome from the Headmaster, Brett Webster, who went on to invite Ormiston College Alumni member Courtney Allan and Deputy Head of College, Lee Catterall to the microphone. A group photo was taken prior to the conclusion of the event at 8.30am, allowing time for students to reach their relevant classrooms.

Many Alumni and staff members continued to reminisce, recalling memories from various events that occurred decades ago. The feeling of warmth and belonging was just so rewarding, that the ‘value of the moment’ from that old adage, kept returning. There can be no doubt whatsoever in anyone’s mind, that Ormiston College is the birthplace of so many lifelong memories. Not only that, it is also the home of a very precious OC Community, our Parents of Pasts Students (POPS), our Past Staff and so many Friends of the College who have given us the great School Spirit that will go on for many generations to come.

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