This year, the Social Justice Leadership Committee (SJLC) are supporting the Homeless United Program run by Redland Community Centre. Homeless United’s aim is for each person to gain back independence and dignity. The program strives to support people on their journey towards stability; to reconnect with community, family and friends as well as to secure a home. As an unfunded program, Homeless United relies on community kindness to stay in operation.

The SJLC’s first event for the year coincided with Valentine’s Day. The SJLC prefects, supported by many in their Year 12 cohort, baked red velvet cupcakes and short bread and supplied chocolate hearts for the fundraiser. The Ormiston College community well and truly showed their support, resulting in the event selling out in 30 minutes with over $800 raised. The Committee aims to present a cheque for $5,000 to the Redland Community Centre at the end of Term 3.

The next fundraising event will fall near the end of Term 1 where brownies and cookies will be sold to raise funds and provide a sweet treat following block exams.

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