OC Girls’ Tennis celebrated International Women's Day this year with the theme “Choose to Challenge”. Hosting Canterbury College, the girls from both schools put on a great display of competition and collegiality, both on and off the court.

The Firsts girls faced their toughest opponents with the support of the Headmaster, Head of Secondary School and Head of Sport watching on. Many of the Intermediate girls stayed behind to support the Senior teams and Firsts women. The girls from the Development Squad also showed up to support. This was a wonderful display of what International Women’s Day is about - real action and real support.

Thank you to the sea of supporters for turning up to show these young women that what they do matters, what they achieve is important, and that their capacity to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, try again and be resilient matters.

The opposition were invited to join for refreshments and partake in the opportunity to celebrate this special event together in what has become an important tradition for OC Girls' Tennis.

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