Drone technology is now used in fields as diverse as business, traffic and weather monitoring, firefighting and disaster response, agriculture, environmental management and surveillance. As a natural application of geographical skills, drones fit into the Humanities curriculum beautifully and expose students to the possibilities of careers in this increasingly critical field.

Our Year 8 Humanities students had the opportunity to experience these possibilities in an immersion workshop in week 10 of last term. After a quick consideration of the safety requirements of operating this technology, students were soon flying their drones before coding flight paths and undertaking some simulations of drone use in the real world.

As expected, the students took advantage of this unique opportunity and were complimented on their attentiveness, attention to detail and aptitude in the use of this emerging technology. Thank you to our facilitator, Leah, and all of the team at She Maps for their assistance in providing this opportunity to our students. Thanks also to our wonderful Humanities teaching team for going the extra mile so late in the term.

Ian Burgess
Head of Department - Humanities

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