On Tuesday 25 July, Melissa McGuinness from YOU CHOOSE – Youth Road Safety visited our Year 12 cohort during their Wellbeing Curriculum lessons to speak about Australia’s youth-led mission to change driving culture.

The highly acclaimed YOU CHOOSE – Youth Road Safety program, founded by Melissa and Peter McGuinness, has won the Australian Road Safety Award for school programs.

In 2012, Melissa and Peter’s 18 year-old son, Jordan, tragically caused the loss of four young lives, and his own, in a car crash. He was speeding and under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

The program extends beyond a cautionary tale, by positively uplifting young drivers and passengers to protect their families and communities from the preventable tragedy of road trauma. Participants are equipped to exchange expectations, commitments and permissions to speak up and to act in moments that matter. They reflect on the connections between their intentions, their choices, their actions and the people they profess to protect and to love.

We sincerely thank Melissa for taking the time to come and speak to our Year 12s in this powerful and emotive session focusing on real life lessons and a mission for change.

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