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Welcome! Ormiston College is not just a respected coeducational non-denominational Christian P-12 private school with world-class facilities, outstanding curriculum program, exceptional teachers and superb surroundings. It is far more than that. Being part of Ormiston College is about belonging to the College community, about being a part of a proud history of achievement and commitment to excellence, about friendship and belonging, and it is about taking pride in your school and yourself.

When students graduate from Ormiston College, they leave with more than an excellent private education; they leave with a sense of achievement, confidence, and self-respect. Although the College's world-class facilities and beautiful Brisbane Bayside setting make an immediate impression, it is the Ormiston College community and their commitment to positive outcomes for every student that sets our school apart.

Our College community supports, encourages, and acknowledges each person's honest commitment to do his or her best, in a welcoming safe environment of mutual respect and dignity. In a friendly, non-denominational, Christian independent school environment, we take a holistic approach to developing the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, aesthetic, emotional and physical skills of our students.

We prepare your child for life in all its richness.

One College Philosophy

As an independent school catering for students from Prep to Year 12, Ormiston College has a 'One College' philosophy that ensures a seamless transition for students as they progress from year to year.

The Five Foundations of 'Program Achieve'

Children don't grow up according to any one set of rules. Each one has his or her unique nature and needs. In response to this, we are committed to catering for the whole person, not just their academic well-being but also their spiritual, emotional and social well-being. From Prep our students benefit from Program Achieve, an exceptional program designed to develop positive characterises in attitude and motivation which, when combined with sound cognitive skills in reading, comprehension, vocabulary development, mathematical reasoning, creative and critical thinking, allow students to reach a level of true success.

Through Program Achieve, students slowly develop strengths in the Five Foundations:

Getting Along, Organisation, Persistence, Confidence, Emotional Resilience

The program is offered to students from Prep through to Year 12 and encourages students to become successful learners through the development of social, emotional and behavioural well-being.

Technology & Innovation Opportunities

Technology innovation is integral to our students' success. All students in Year 7 to Year 12 are provided their own personal laptop device to assist them in their everyday studies. These laptops have a full complement of educational software installed appropriate to subject matter, and when coupled with the online learning management system 'Moodle 2', allow students access to a wide range of educational resources, anywhere and at any time of the day. Our Head of Academics and Innovation is responsible for strategic planning for ICT at Ormiston College. They also provide ongoing support and training for teachers, advance the innovative ways technology is used to enhance learning outcomes and oversees the development of each student's ability to create, evaluate, analyse and apply higher order learning skills.

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