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A Message from the Deputy Head of College

Posted on 01 April 2016

Term 1

Term 1 2016 was a busy and exciting time for staff, students and families across campus. The students were involved in a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural activities and commenced the term with great enthusiasm. Activities such as Debating, TAS and JTAS Sports, the Swimming Carnivals, Cross Country, P-2 Easter Celebration, a myriad of Music and Drama activities and the Variety Club Barbeque ensured that the spirit at OC is alive and well. It was so wonderful to see so many students and families supporting these events. A very busy but successful term!

The students from Prep to Year 12 are to be commended on their presentation and behaviour during Term 1 and I would like to thank our families for their ongoing support in ensuring our high standards are met by all.

Teaching and Learning at OC

We are currently reviewing our Teaching and Learning Framework at the College. The Teaching and Learning Framework review commenced towards the end of last year and directly relates to our next four year phase of Strategic Planning.

For some years now, we have been utilising the Dimensions of Learning Framework which is a very comprehensive Framework that has proven to be very worthwhile. It is important, however, to look towards the future to see what our learners will need in the 21st Century and beyond.

Within our review there will be a major focus on incorporating 21st Century Learning Skills into our planning. These skills focus on Collaboration, Self-regulation, Real World Problem Solving and Innovation, Skilful Communication, Knowledge Construction and ICTS.

We believe that by combining the essential elements of the Dimensions of Learning Framework and these 21st Century Learning Skills we will develop an even more innovative and engaging curriculum for our students which will prepare them for the future.

Our staff have been involved in a number of workshop style sessions during the term and will continue to work together to review our Framework throughout Term Two.

It is a particularly exciting time for us as we embark on this journey together and we look forward to providing updates to our College Community along the way.

African Hearts Foundation Visit

It was our great pleasure to have Abbey from the African Hearts Association along with Ainsley Winton to speak at the Junior School Assembly recently about the lives of the many boys who live in the slums of Uganda. Abbey also took this time to express his gratitude for the continued support of the Foundation. I had the great pleasure of attending the African Hearts Dinner held at the College the following week and it was also wonderful to see so much support for this very worthy cause from the Redlands community.