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Headmaster's Vlog - Monday 30 March

Posted on 30 March 2020

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In recent weeks there has been so much change to our much-loved way of life. Whilst we did not expect to be educating OC students from home this year, here we are, and in true OC spirit, I know we will all Seek to Achieve despite the circumstances and make the best of the weeks to come.

I thank the families of Ormiston College for the positive attitude they are bringing to the changing landscape we find ourselves in. These are uncertain times but still there are so many parents who have expressed their appreciation for the communication from the College and the work of our team as we prepare for a whole new approach to teaching and learning.

I too applaud our entire team. It has been inspiring to see our staff stepping up, demonstrating creativity, initiative and leadership across the many sub-teams that make up Ormiston College.

Parents too are no doubt preparing their homes and routines for the online learning environment. Whilst it is important to create some structure around learning and for children not to see this period as an extended holiday but as normal school from home, I urge parents to try not to become overwhelmed with the task of ‘home schooling’ their children.

The very committed teaching team at Ormiston College is here to support you, your child and your family through every step of this new learning journey.

When this crisis passes, and it will, how wonderful it would be if we could look back on this time in history, when the pace of life changed for a little while, and remember more family meals together, deep conversations, playing board games, belly laughter and a few family movies with those who are closest to us in this life.

I wish all families the very best as we embark on the interesting challenge that is Learning from Home. Please remember that the College is only an email or phone call away.

We are all on this journey together. We’ll complete the journey together and I know we couldn’t ask for better travelling companions.

Your sincerely

Brett Webster