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New beginnings bring great opportunity for the year ahead

Posted on 09 February 2016

The College always comes alive with the energy and excitement of students, families and staff converging on campus for the journey of a new school year. It is a time of sharing stories, being reunited with old friends and meeting some new ones as we all settle into the classroom and College routines that will steer us through the semester ahead.

For so many of us the initial weeks of a new academic year are defined by a sense of transition. Our new Prep students may still be falling asleep at the dinner table but will soon be used to full days of playing and learning with friends. For others, the step up to a new year level means a transition to new learning opportunities, perhaps an opportunity to play for the Redbacks, the use of new facilities or even a leadership role.

The transition to Middle School is a much anticipated milestone for many young people at this time of year, with our Making Connections Program designed to assist them in developing a sense of identity as a year group and a strong feeling of engagement and belonging at the school.

Of course older students are entering the final phase of their secondary schooling and the Class of 2016 is set to capitalise on the chances offered between now and graduation to achieve well and position themselves for the post-school pathways they dream of.

All ages and stages of schooling are important. However, underpinning the transitions involved and the learning success of all students at all year levels is the positive, professional and supportive relationships that exist between students, teachers and parents.

The early weeks of a new school year are an important time for developing strong relationships and shared understandings between home and school.

For this reason the College stages a number of activities designed to strengthen the school-family partnership and I encourage you to be involved with opportunities such as our Parent Information evenings, Meet the Form Teacher evenings, Headmaster’s Welcome to Prep or Year 7 evenings, Middle School or Senior School Elevate sessions, and our Planning for Academic Success parent evening, all of which occur during Term 1, with event details listed on the College App and Parent Zone. We look forward to you supporting your child and the College through involvement in such events.

As parents, 2016 could mark our children beginning the journey in Prep, transitioning to the next weigh point toward Year 12, or perhaps imminent graduation and an end to our time as a school parent. No matter which, parents too feel the emotion that accompanies transition and the new beginnings faced by our children, invariably doing all they can to provide support.

Thank you to everyone for ensuring we had an enjoyable and smooth start to the journey of 2016. The itinerary ahead looks full of friendship, excitement, challenge and reward, and we couldn’t wish for better travelling companions.

Best wishes

Brett Webster