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A Jingly Jolly Jazzy Christmas

The title of this year’s Pre-Prep to Year 2 Christmas Carol Concert said it all, a Jingly, Jolly, Jazzy Christmas. As to who was the most excited, the parents or the children, is still debateable. Parents and family members waited patiently for the doors of the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre to open, whilst approximately 300 exited children waited inside in anticipation of their presentation to a real live audience. The atmosphere was certainly one of enthusiasm and expectation for all concerned.

Once family members were seated and settled, the Massed Choir began to file on stage and as they did so, an immediate transformation took place. Suddenly it was Christmas, the entire stage was awash with red and green as dozens and dozens on children eagerly took up their positions.

There were pixies and elves everywhere, some with handmade ears, others with reindeer horns, some wore Santa hats, all very alert and animated. It was a great family occasion with children peering out at the audience trying to find their parents and parents looking through the various lines of children, keen to identify their child.

The singing, accompanied by actions, were presented with great vigour and energy. Each group; Pre-Prep, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2, performed their own individual sections, covering both traditional carols and fun-jazzed up versions. Members of the Executive presented Christmas poems which added to the wonderful mood of the event.

The celebration ended with the Mass Choir presenting their version of the old favourites, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The overwhelming applause was certainly witness to the success of the Jingly, Jolly, Jazzy Christmas Carol Concert.