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A spectacular Music Gala night

The College community gathered together on Friday 23 October for an enjoyable evening at the annual Music Gala event. This year the event concentrated on combining the various groups which was a wonderful way of uniting students of all ages, enabling them to share in the delight of music. It created an opportunity for younger members of our music program to work alongside the more experienced vocalists and instrumentalist. It also enabled them to experience the sound and awe of being a member of a mass choir.

One such item captured the emotions of the entire audience as it enveloped choirs from Year 1 to Year 12. The piece entitled ‘Hope for Resolution’ by Paul Caldwell, was dedicated to both Nelson Mandela and F W de Klerk, signifying the bringing together of different ideas that can exist in peace and harmony.

Paul Caldwell used the ancient Christmas carol ‘Of the Father’s Love Begotten’ which was sung by Kinder Chorus and Pochinio Choir. The OC Singers used the same tune in 3-part canon. The combined senior choirs consisting of OC Voices, OC Chorus, Redback Chorus and Chamber Singers, sang the same text in Xhosa (Mandela’s first language) with an African flavour. The elements were combined to symbolise how music can bring different groups together, by working to create something even better. Three conductors and the combined choirs of over 300 voices sang from onstage, spilling out into the auditorium.

The emotion was felt throughout the entire theatre, it was a momentous event that both singers and the audience will not forget. Well done to all the performers on a truly remarkable evening of entertainment.