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Androids Alive

“Making it stand was really tricky.” “I loved the Bangs and Flashes!” “Can we get some Arduino?” What activity would you think these comments came from? If you said learning about Androids, you’d be correct.

This term, Mrs Bowker and Rachel Taylor organised a lunchtime STEM competition and the winners were chosen to attend ‘Androids Alive’ at A.B. Paterson College in Arundel. Accompanied by Mrs Photiou and Ms Herzig, the students were treated to a lecture exploring the human-machine connection and the components that make androids more interactive with humans and our modern life. After the lecture, they moved on to practical science experiments in the areas of physics, chemistry and biology. They then applied their new knowledge and understanding to some scenario team work. While their efforts were being judged, they were treated to a science show called ‘Bangs and Flashes’. The explosions from the stage were unforgettable and the day proved a truly educational experience with the focus being on collaborative and creative problem solving using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Participants were Adam Sullivan, Rachel Taylor, Declan Field, Riley O’Brien, Zane Bush, Jacob Isles, Hunter Peters, Maree Wright, Zoe-Matilda Harvey, Phoebe Smirk, Amy Stagnitti and Geoffrey Harvey.

Not only did the students undergo a rigorous learning experience, they were also extremely well-behaved and courteous and as such were fine ambassadors for our school. We can be very proud of them.

Catherine Herzig
Teacher Librarian Junior School