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Oc Musical 2017 31

Since late last year when BRING IT ON – THE MUSICALwas announced as the chosen production for 2017 the College has been abuzz with excitement. In true Ormiston College spirit, it didn’t take long before students, staff and parents put up their hands to become part of this OC arts highpoint.

The College community banded together to share in the exhilaration of putting on a show. Students auditioned for leading roles, chorus parts, singing, dancing, orchestral and backstage crew. Staff volunteered to take on the responsibility of assisting in many varied positions, whilst parents took on costuming, scenery, props, the list was unending.

After six months of dedication, hard work, collaboration, rehearsals, boot camp, more rehearsal, ticketing, photoshoots and the final dress rehearsal – show week finally arrived.

For every audience, the energy and vigour of the production exceeded every expectation. Not only was it visually spectacular, it was brilliantly directed. The acting, dancing, music and choral work was superb. Sound, lighting, staging and overall presentation was a result of months and months of rehearsals and backstage work.

Yet another example of a great school community and the spirit of Ormiston College.